Booking your DofE Expeditions

We are excited you are interested in booking an adventure with us. If you have not already had a phone / email / zoom conversation with us please do, it is always good to talk, or you can make an enquiry on the form below.

1. Enquiring about DofE Training and Expeditions

DofE Enquiry Form

About you and the school

DofE Training and Expeditions

Tell us about your Bronze Group

Tell us about your Silver Group

Tell us about your Gold Group

2. Planning your Expeditions

Once you have filled in the form we will phone/email you and start the planning process. Where possible we would love to come and talk with you face to face ( or you can come and visit us ). Either way it is a lot easier to talk and work out all the details over a cup of tea and a biscuit.

3. Booking your Expeditions

Once you are happy with what we have planned we can send you a formal quote ( if you want one ) and then ask for a deposit of 20% upfront to secure the booking.

We will send you all the information you need, this will include insurance / risk assessments for approval, information to give out to the parents such as our Handbook with Kitlist, and if you want we can come into school and give a presentation to parents and pupils.

4. Time for your Expeditions

Just before the day we will set up a WhatsApp group for all staff so we can share any last minute details and ensure that any important information is available to everyone that needs it.

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