DofE for Schools

At the moment there is lots of information from DofE to help pupils finish their Volunteering / Skills / Physical sections but we know that you will soon be getting asked by pupils and parents ‘What about Expeditions?’

We hope that we can help.

School DofE Expeditions and support

Where you want to offer DofE expeditions to your pupils we provide practice and qualifying expeditions at all levels

Paperwork and information

  • You can download our Kit List from the menu on the right
  • Visit our Kit and Food page for lots of information about what to bring. ( Please note that if participants don’t bring appropriate footwear and equipment they might not be able to take part in the expedition)
  • Find the answers to many of the Frequently Asked Questions for Teachers and Participants on these pages.
  • Risk Assessments, Insurance etc can be found under the Admin tab in the menu at the top
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