DofE Lessons

Where schools choose to deliver some or all of the  Bronze, Silver or Gold Training Frameworks we have provided a number of videos, downloads and worksheets.

Download the DofE The expedition section process leaflet that explains the whole process

First Aid and Emergency Procedures

An awareness of Risk and Health and Safety issues.

  • Expedition fitness.
  • Telling people where you are going.
  • A fun video to promote discussion on identifying and avoiding hazards
  • Keeping together.
  • Weather forecasts – knowing how, where and when to obtain weather forecasts, relating weather forecasts to observed conditions, looking for signs which will indicate changes in the weather.
  • Download the  Expedition Behaviour article from the DofE magazine

Preparatory map skills

Practical Map Skills

Compass Skills

Campcraft, equipment and hygiene

Food and Cooking

Countryside and Highway Codes

Some extra info for GOLD expeditions

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