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Along side all of the other aspects of supporting your pupils through their  award covering all the training needs on the Bronze , Silver or Gold training frameworks can be a time consuming prospect. Training can be bespoke to you but typically we are asked to provide one or two day training packages to help support schools meet their training needs.

Training packages. ( Download our Brochure )

Getting pupils ready for their Bronze Assessed expedition can be time-consuming exercise, especially if they have limited expedition experience. The Training framework for Bronze Expeditions includes a mixture of theory and knowledge that is needed as well as practical skills and experience. Consequentially it makes sense that the preparation and training for expeditions include a mix of theory and knowledge lessons (that can be taught at school in the classroom), practical skills (that can be taught in the school grounds and thein reinforced during training and practice expeditions in the countryside) and the development of experience that is only possible by repeatedly practicing those skills in a realistic situation.

Option 1: Training weekend and a later Assessment Weekend.
This is typically for schools that can offer some in-school training but want to give pupils a full days training, a camping experience and a chance to practice their navigation and walking remotely supervised in preparation for assessment.

Option 2: Single Day Training with a later Assessment Weekend. ( Download our Brochure )
This is ideal for schools that can offer some in-school training but want support giving pupils practical experience navigating, putting up tents and using stoves. They would typically offer pupils a school-grounds camping experience before assessment.

Option 3: Assessment Weekend Only.
This is typically for schools that are able to offer both in-school training days to their pupils as well as taking them out walking/navigating and giving them a realistic camping experience prior to assessment.

This still leaves a fair amount of the training frameworks that can be covered during your own programmed timetable so to help support you in your delivery of training at school we have provided a number of  Videos and Worksheets on our DofE Lessons page.

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