DofE Participants and Parents Page

Dear DofE participants and parents,

We are so excited that your school has chosen us to provide the DofE expeditions for their pupils – your son or daughter. We know that there will be lots of paperwork sent your way and occasionally this gets lost along the way. This page contains some of the forms and information that you might need to help support your child getting ready for expedition.

If you have any questions, in the first instance please do contact the schools DofE coordinator or see our FAQ for participants page, however if there is specialist advice that you need we are here to help.

You can also access information / photos and videos on our Facebook page.

Knowing what equipment to buy and food to provide are always questions that we get asked, please see our Kit List and Food page for more information.

Why do DofE?

If you are a parent or participant you probably already know why you think DofE is a good idea, however it is always good to see why other people think that DofE is great.

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