Orienteering / Map Reading


I booked E3Adventures to enhance our topic on the ‘local area’. Before our ‘orienteering day’, the children had an introduction to map work; we looked on google maps and discussed our own experience of using maps. We then discussed ‘birds’ eye view’ and the children drew simple maps of their desks. Our ‘orienteering day’ with E3 adventures then built upon that, giving the children an ‘ingredients list’ for map drawing, using maps to follow an orienteering course on the school grounds and even setting up their own course. This really brought the topic to life for the children and they thoroughly enjoyed running around the school grounds looking for the markers. Lots of the children discovered that it was important to hold the map the correct way up! The following week, we then ventured out to two local parks, where the children drew a detailed map of each of the play areas (on pre-drawn boundary lines), went on a treasure hunt at one of the parks and made some natural sculptures at the other, and of course had a play on the equipment! Back in the classroom, the children published one of their maps (which look fantastic!) and wrote a persuasive piece of writing about their favourite park. The children have really enjoyed this topic and learnt a great deal too. Thank you Andy and E3Adventures for helping to bring it to life!
Alison Simmonds – Harlands Primary School
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