Adventure Days at Deersleap Park

You come to us – Choose from lots a range of activities including:


Archery is a sport for all and while it helps to build muscle endurance and flexibility, develop hand eye coordination and body strength it also teaches discipline, respect and self-control – something that carries over into pupils’ attitude, work habits and other school activity. Coaches and teachers involved in archery have found that pupils who do not normally participate and enjoy sports-related or extracurricular activities seem to love and are good at this sport – it is a great option for the non-sporty and semi-sporty young people, giving pupils a strong sense of personal achievement.


Get closer to nature while making a camp, sleeping in a hammock, lighting a fire or walking in the stream looking for bugs.


Orienteering offers pupils real world opportunities to understand time, distance, sequences and patterns in a fun, engaging outdoor environment that stretches the mind as well as the body. Orienteering is an easy sport to develop at KS1 and KS3 with clear links and progression onto KS3 and KS4 Guidelines for Orienteering in GCSE PE


Learning to work together is a core skill that pupils need to develop not only to be able to fit in within a classroom environment but fundamentally within all aspects of their developing lives.

With our help we design a day that meets the needs and learning outcomes of your class and Pupils.

Set in the heart of the Ashdown Forest Dearsleap Park is ideally placed to be accessible yet in the heart of the countryside.


DearsleapSt. Hill Green, East Grinstead RH19 4NG ( Just south of East Grinstead so easy access to M25 and A22 )


We have a kit store that provides all necessary equipment for activities and in addition water proofs, day sacs, water bottles and boots for your students although we do advise students to bring their own boots for comforts sake.

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