First Aid, it can be taught inside but …

First Aid can be taught inside but…

I am sure that many of you have sat and watched a First Aid powerpoint presentation followed by practicing putting a bandage on a casualty sat on the floor of a dry, warm and comfortable classroom. OK for getting your certificate but what does it teach you about the First Aid you might need to do? I dont need to preach to you about the need for First Aid courses to be relevant / useful / interesting, so I wont. But please do enjoy the photos of our latest course. Many thanks to all the candidates for being fantastic throughout the course.

[testimonial author=”Multi activity instructor, Sussex.”]Ian was able to relate everything to my role in the outdoors – backing up the theory with practical examples from his experiences, explaining why we do things not just what to do. [/testimonial]


[testimonial author=”Ellie”]Thanks for the last 2 days, best first aid course I’ve been on.[/testimonial]


[testimonial author=”Course Participant”]I’m much more confident in my ability to deal with situations in a remote setting[/testimonial]

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