National Water Safety Management Programme

E3Adventures provide a number of courses designed to support the safe delivery of adventure and outdoor learning, key to this is the Royal Life Saving Society ‘National Water Safety Management Programme’ (NWSMP)  and the Royal Geographic Society / Institute of British Geography ‘Off Site Safety Management’ (OSSM) course.

We run a number of ‘open’ courses where anyone can book on but specialise in delivering training at your location tailored to the learning needs of your organization and members.

Programme Structure

NWSMP Level 1 Water Safety Awareness Module

NWSMP Level 2 Environment Specific Modules and Life Support Option

NWSMP Level 3 ‘In-Water Rescue’

The aims of the NWSMP are to:

  • Equip anyone working in, on or near water with  essential knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about managing safety
  • Enable group leaders to deliver safer activity at  open water sites
  • Develop personal safety skills for lone workers  operating around water
  • Facilitate compliance with Statutory and Civil  obligations, especially the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 with related  regulations and covering Safe Systems of Work
  • Develop effective Emergency Response Skills for  those working in a water based environment

Supporting Employers – Protecting Employees

RLSS UK has  developed the National Water Safety  Management Programme  to provide a flexible water safety training solution  for a wide range of employers who require their workforce to operate safely in  or near water.

The NWSMP programme is a key step forward in helping  employers meet their civil and statutory water safety management obligations,  especially where employees have supervisory responsibilities in or near water. Many  people working near the water margins receive minimal or no water safety  training due to water safety training often taking a back seat compared to more  traditional and recognised health and safety training. Through consultation with industry and lead  bodies, RLSS UK have identified this gap in water safety training provision and  launched NWSMP to close the gap, improving water safety across a wide range of  working environments and operational sectors.

Programme Development

The NWSMP is as relevant to a School Teacher as it is to a member of  the Emergency Services, Countryside Ranger, Construction worker or Outdoor  Pursuits instructor.  The programme has  been developed in close consultation with a number of relevant and key lead  bodies including:

  • Health and Safety  Executive
  • Expedition Providers’ Association
  • Royal Geographical  Society (with IBG)
  • Devon & Cornwall  Police
  • Institute of Outdoor  Learning
  • National Open Water  Coaching Association
  • The Scouts Association


For more information please contact us, you can also download the following doccuments.

Open Water Safety article

NWSMP leaflet

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